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    Paragraf Çalışma I - ay

    According to recent reports, bison have not always lived in North America; they are relative newcomers. They belong to the Bovidae family, like domestic cattle and the wild buffalo of Africa and Asia. The oldest known bison fossils have been found in China and the Himalayan foothills, where an animal with all the essential features ofthe genius lived a million years ago. They evolved rapidly and spread over most of the northern hemisphere in Europe and Siberia. During one of the Ice Ages, the sea level dropped, exposing a land bridge across the Bering Strait, allowing the faunas of Asia and North America to intermingle. Very early, the steppe bison moved eastward to the North American continent. Much later, men followed the same route.

    A. Parçada geçen kelimelerden aşağıda verilenlere anlamca en yakın kelimeyi bulunuz.

    1- relative
    a) family member
    b) relation
    c) comparative
    d) virtual

    2- belong to
    a) fit in
    b) possess
    c) refute
    d) disregard

    3- essential
    a) unnecessary
    b) dipensable
    c) fundamental
    d) invalid

    4- features
    a) characteristics
    b) prospects
    c) expectations
    d) projections

    5- genius
    a) mastermind
    b) species
    c) smart
    d) stingy

    6- dropped
    a) rose
    b) declined
    c) went up
    d) broke down

    7- exposing
    a) scattering
    b) dispensing
    c) speading
    d) revealing

    8- faunas
    a) sources of water abundant in a region
    b) all the animals and plants of any region
    c) all the plants surviving any natural disaster
    d) a catalog of the animals of a specific region or period

    9- intermingle
    a) mix together
    b) drift apart
    c) transport
    d) originate

    B. Aşağıdaki soruları verilen metne göre cevaplayınız.

    1- When the theme in the passage is considered, the passage ca be regarded as ...;

    a) the classification of Asian and North American fauna
    b) a specific account about the bison
    c) a general introduction to the north American bison
    d) an analysis of the bison genus in the bovidae family

    2- According to the passage, it can be said about the evolution of the bison that ...;

    a) their ancestors were domestic cattle and wild buffalo
    b) they originated in China and the Himalayas
    c) they were the most primitive of the animal kingdom
    d) their beginning was in Africa and Asia

    3- It is understood from the passage that the bison moved to North America ...;

    a) over a million years ago
    b) relatively recently in North American history
    c) well before the ice ages
    d) during one of the ice ages

    4- We understand from the passage that the bison moved from Africa to North America by ...;

    a) swimming through the seas
    b) crossing teh sea
    c) walking over the land
    d) travelling through the foothills


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    Sevdim bunu.

    1. bölüm: d/b/c/a/c/b/d/d/a
    2. bölüm: c/d/d/c

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