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Konu: Emfbi: Excuse me for butting in

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    Question Emfbi: Excuse me for butting in

    What is all that mess? Sorry if I have gone too far by calling all these mess but I just wonder if where English is going is a question language authorities are concerned about or they just think there is nothing to worry about.

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    Ave Dementia Misafir
    I agree with you Saadet, it is a mess, and it is causing great concern within the teaching community. I never use text speak, I always compile my SMS messages in full. However, the sad fact is that text speak is being used in written composition. There has been some research done recently in British schools and it has shown that many young people are using text speak in formal school work and that the average student's spelling abilities has dropped significantly. I have noticed text speak being used on Forum when asking questions about English, and whilst I understand that Turkish students of English will see text speak through using MSN and other such communication media and assume it's fine to emulate it, the use of text speak must be firmly discouraged from formal language usage.
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