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Konu: İngilizce'de devrik cümle örnekleri

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    İngilizce'de devrik cümle örnekleri

    "I am not into hip hop."
    "Neither am I." (Or: "Nor am I.")

    "I am fond of flamenco dancing."
    "So am I."

    Jennifer buys only organic fruit and vegetables, and so does Hugh.
    They don't mind the higher prices, and neither do we. (Or: ...nor do we.)

    Rarely does Bob speak to himself.
    Seldom does Bob get invited to parties. (seldom = rarely)
    Never have we seen such a breathtaking view.

    At no time did the prisoner look as if he might confess.
    Not only is she a great dancer but she is also an amazing mathematician.
    Not until she took up rock climbing did she overcome her fear of heights.
    Under no circumstances will prisoners be allowed to give interviews to the media.
    Little did she realize that her grandmother was really a wolf.

    Hardly had he stepped outside when it started to rain.
    Scarcely had he stepped outside when it started to rain.
    No sooner had he stepped outside than it started to rain.

    Only after he arrived at the airport did he look for his passport.
    Only if you look through this dark glass will you be able to see the spots on the sun.
    We accepted the invitation. Only later did we suspect it might be a trap.
    Only by threatening extreme physical violence was the teacher able to control the class.

    Should you see Nigel, give him my regards.
    Were I in your shoes, I would make a formal complaint.
    Had I known it was her birthday, I would have bought her a gift.

    Elisabeth was too shy to dance, as was Gerald.
    She decided to leave early, as did Gerald.

    So excited were they that they couldn't sit still.
    Such was their excitement that they began to jump up and down.

    Blessed are the children who are still unaware of what the future holds.
    Gone are the days when I could have been happy.

    Strange as it may seem, we were sorry to leave in the end.

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