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Konu: How can I teach English for 40 students in the same class?

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    How can I teach English for 40 students in the same class?

    I am teacher at Batman and I am here for 3 years. Most of the my students already know 2 language.(Kurdish and Turkish). But, most of themn hate English. I don't know why but I couldn't change their mind. I'm teacher for 8th grades(LGS(exam for 8th grades)) so exam is more important than fluency. I have to do something different but I dont know it. Can you help me

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    What you describe is a completely normal phenomenon. It's not even exclusive to English teaching; most other courses are equally, if not more, boring and it's not always possible to make everybody love the subject that you're teaching. I can easily imagine most of those 40 students hating physics or geography. What are the teachers that teach those subjects doing about it? Sometimes it feels like it's only the language teachers that are worried about their students. Anyhow...

    You can try and draw their interest by making them watch interesting video clips or listen to short podcasts. But avoid using content that was intended for classroom purposes. Those seem incredibly artificial and learners lose their interest fast. Choose real-life material. If your classroom predominantly consists of male students, have them watch an excerpt of a football match in English. Or something related to cars or motorbikes. Girls are usually more interested in fashion and decoration. So you can opt for those themes as well.

    Or you can even prepare your own videos where you speak English. Take a camera and go out. Walk down the street. Go to a park. Describe your surroundings. Talk about stuff that matters to you. Maybe a problem that you have to deal with. Let them find their own interest in your content. If you can make them understand the content without making them feel like "ugh... it's just another course subject for an exam...", they will start liking it.

    It's human psychology. When we don't understand something, we dislike it. When we feel like we are actually making progress, we subconsciously start liking it. You need to make them feel they really understand it.

    The idea is: make it simple and make it short.

    Good luck.

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    You may start improving your own English, perhaps?

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