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Konu: How do you define yourself?

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    Dec 2012
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    How do you define yourself?

    What defines you?
    Who are you?
    Is it where you come from?
    Is it your background? Is it your friends?
    What is it?
    What defines who you are as a person?

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    Jan 2014
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    the correct answer to "what defines you" is nothing, I believe. there is no any proper definition of a human being-human being transcends definitions. as this is quite vague, we dive into lots of arguments competing such definitions and concepts as "who really am I?". this concept divides this-from-that, splitting the whole. yet, a being is inherently whole and can not be split anywhere without introducing limitations and distortions - if you know what I mean. so I have many concepts regarding myself, and they do have a certain amount of truth in them, but none of them individually or collectively "define me".

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