While starting a new thread;

  • Search the forum to see if the thread you are thinking of opening has opened before.
  • Make sure that the title contains the specific words or phrase you are asking about.
  • State your question clearly in the post itself. DO NOT rely on the thread title or on links in your post.
  • One topic per thread. If you have a second question, start a new thread.
  • Do not bump your threads or flood the forum.

While posting a reply;

  • Try to use standart English including capitalization and punctuation, to the best of your ability.
  • DO NOT use chatspeak or SMS abbreviations.
  • Only one topic to one thread, not more.
  • Be careful about naming the source of any quoted material from websites or print sources.
  • DO NOT use any language other than English. This section of the forum is for only ENGLISH.
  • DO NOT reply to any thread or post that has a problem such as: lack of context, multiple topics, non-English text, SPAM, etc.
  • DO NOT make wild guesses if the topic is unclear. Ask for clarification. If there is no context, report the thread.
  • Focus on the topic mentioned. DO not extend it unnecessarily.

Thank you from now for your respect.