Orijinalini görmek için tıklayınız : Passive test 1

01-01-07, 11:28

1. The results of the research ---- that, presently, several East Asian countries ---- rapidly.

A) have indicated / were developing

B) indicate / are developing

C) are indicated / have been developing

D) were indicated / had developed

E) had indicated / developed

2. Understandably, her friends ---- when Julia married someone else after being engaged to John for two years.

A) are surprising

B) were surprised

C) surprised

D) will be surprised

E) had surprised

3. The facsimile ---- when the secretary returns from lunch.

A) will be sent

B) is going to send

C) should have sent

D) was being sent

E) has been sent

4. Because James ---- to physical work, he ---- after he had spent a week on the farm.

A) isn’t accustomed / might be exhausted

B) hadn’t accustomed / had exhausted

C) won’t be accustomed / will be exhausted

D) hasn’t accustomed / has exhausted

E) wasn’t accustomed / was exhausted

5. Animals ---- to survive in the wild, rather than kept in captivity.

A) are helping

B) have been helping

C) should be helped

D) could be helping

E) ought to have helped

6. Films of violence ---- on television until after 9.30 at night, the time when the majority of children ---- to bed.

A) cannot be shown / went

B) aren’t being shown / had gone

C) didn’t use to be shown / are going

D) shouldn’t be shown / go

E) needn’t be shown / have gone

7. Normal climbing boots slip in icy conditions, so climbers ---- iron plates with spikes, known as crampons, to their boots.

A) should be fixed

B) have to fix

C) have been fixed

D) used to fix

E) must be fixed

8. “Fragile, handle with care” ---- on the package, but still the contents of the parcel ---- when it arrived.

A) had written / would be broken

B) is being written / will be broken

C) was written / were broken

D) would have written / had broken

E) has been written / could break

9. An apple tree ---- fruit until it is five to eight years old.

A) did not bear

B) was not bearing

C) has not been borne

D) does not bear

E) will not be borne

10. The hill where Jane Austen set one of her romances ---- Box Hill because of the box trees which ---- there.

A) calls / are grown

B) has been calling / grew

C) used to call / used to grow

D) are calling / were growing

E) is called / grow

11. Your chances of success in an examination ---- if you ---- the course work thoroughly.

A) enhance / are revised

B) were enhancing / revised

C) had enhanced / were revising

D) could be enhanced / would revise

E) are enhanced / revise

12. When he ---- an essay in on time for once, his professor ---- him a look of surprise.

A) handed / gave

B) was handed / was giving

C) is handed / will be given

D) has handed / would give

E) hands / is given

13. You ---- plenty of time in case the bus ----; otherwise, you’ll risk missing your ferry.

A) must have allowed / delays

B) used to allow / delayed

C) ought to be allowed / has delayed

D) had better allow / is delayed

E) were allowed / was delayed

14. It’s true that happiness ---- with money, but some money ---- life easier.

A) mustn’t be bought / made

B) shouldn’t buy / has made

C) can’t be bought / makes

D) doesn’t buy / is making

E) hasn’t been bought / is made

15. Cells ---- for the first time by the English scientist Robert Hooke, who, in 1665, ---- a book about his findings.

A) were described / published

B) had described / would have published

C) could be described / was published

D) has described / had published

E) would be described / could be published

16. Portland cement, when it ........... with water, ---- a paste that binds sand, gravel and stone into a rock-like mass called concrete.

A) will be combined / formed

B) has combined / is formed

C) was combined / was formed

D) combines / has been formed

E) is combined / forms

17. The twentieth century, now nearing its end, ---- the century when mankind ---- to realise that the Earth’s resources are limited.

A) was / was coming

B) will be / had come

C) has been / has come

D) had been / came

E) will have been coming / is coming

18. Up to now, the equipment ---- regularly, but from now on, we ---- it before every outing.

A) wasn’t checked / are checking

B) hasn’t checked / will be checking

C) isn’t being checked / should be checked

D)hasn’t been checked / are going to check

E) hadn’t checked / have to be checked

19. Judging from the speed of mechanization, it ---- that very few things in the world ---- by hand in the twenty-first century.

A) has been predicted / will be making

B) can be predicted / will be made

C) will be predicted / were made

D) is being predicted / have been made

E) is predicting / will have been made

20. Considering the meager resources we ---- with for the project, we ---- a wonderful job.

A) had been provided / did

B) were provided / can do

C) have been provided / used to do

D) will be provided / have done

E) provided / will be doing

21. Solutions to the problem of unemployment ---- , but none of the measures that ---- so far has been very successful.

A) have sought / will be tired

B) will be sought / have been trying

C) had been seeking / were trying

D) are being sought / have been tried

E) have been seeking / are tried

22. Africa’s population growth rate is much higher than the world average and it ---- that, by the year 2050 Africa ---- for twenty-one percent of the world’s population.

A) has estimated / accounts

B) was estimating / had been accounting

C) will be estimated / accounted

D) will have estimated / is accounting

E) is estimated / will account

23. Following stricter “drink driving” regulations, the number of accidents which ---- drunk drivers ---- significantly.

A) have been involved / is reduced

B) involve / has been reduced

C) were involved / was reducing

D) are involved / is reducing

E) involved / has been reducing

24. I managed to translate most of the letter for you, but I ----- stuck on one or two sentences.

A) am getting

B) get

C) got

D) was getting

E) will get

25. The world’s first dental school, Baltimore Collage of Dental Surgery, ---- by two Americans, Horace Hayden and Chapin Harris, in 1839.

A) would have founded

B) was founding

C) was founded

D) had founded

E) would be founding

26. The works of Shakespeare ---- into every major language in the world.

A) are going to translate

B) have been translated

C) had translated

D) had been translating

E) will have translated

27. He ---- about this meeting for weeks, so I don’t know why he ---- anything for it yet.

A) is known / isn’t preparing

B) was known / doesn’t prepare

C) knows / didn’t prepare

D) has known / hasn’t prepared

E) knew / hadn’t prepared

28. There were such a lot of different things to do at the resort where we ---- our holiday that none of us ---- .

A) spent / was bored

B) were spending / bored

C) were spent / had bored

D) have spent / could be bored

E) spend / are bored

29. A place ---- for you, Madam, as soon as you ---- the deposit.

A) has been reserved / will pay

B) reserved / had paid

C) is reserving / are paid

D) is reserved / were paid

E) will be reserved / have paid

30. There is no way you ---- all of your project in an hour, so you ---- the most important points and talk about those.

A) should be covered / ought to choose

B) used to cover / can choose

C) must cover / will be chosen

D) ought to cover / have chosen

E) can cover / had better choose

31. If a person ---- in more food than required to meet the body’s needs, the excess calories ---- to fat.

A) will take / have converted

B) takes / are converted

C) is taken / convert

D) has taken / were converted

E) was taken / had converted

32. Because I ….. up in a house next to a main railway line, I rarely get disturbed by noises during the night.

A) was brought

B) had brought

C) have been bringing

D) used to bring

E) am bringing

33. Women ---- dress design until the last half of the 19th century.

A) were dominated

B) have dominated

C) dominated

D) are dominating

E) would be dominated

34. Luckily, he realised that he had forgotten his passport in time to return to the hotel and collect it; otherwise, we ---- the hovercraft.

A) must not have caught

B) ought not to be caught

C) hadn’t been caught

D) couldn’t have caught

E) needn’t have caught

35. Everybody was very concerned when one of the representatives ---- half way through the main course.

A) will collapse

B) is collapsing

C) has collapsed

D) collapses

E) collapsed

1 B 21 D
2 B 22 E
3 A 23 B
4 E 24 C
5 C 25 C
6 D 26 B
7 B 27 D
8 C 28 A
9 D 29 E
10 E 30 E
11 E 31 B
12 A 32 A
13 D 33 C
14 C 34 D
15 A 35 E
16 E
17 C
18 D
19 B
20 A