Orijinalini görmek için tıklayınız : Yanlış Yaptıklarımı Açıklar Mısınız?

16-03-15, 22:48
1) Besides complaining all the way ...... the project, Dennis was very reluctant to carry out the tasks allocated him ..... it.

A) to/by B) for/under C) along/for D) about/from E) through/ within

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2) ......., but its intriguing characteristics have led to several ambitious exploration proposals.

A) The first reported observation of Europe was made by Galileo Galilei in 1610
B) Some form of life could exist in the salty ocean beneath the icy surface of Europa
C) No spacecraft has yet landed on Europa
D) NASA has detected clay-like minerals on the icy crust of Europa
E) The current data on Europa is insufficient

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3) The World Aquatic Championships are a sporting event of great importance for those who participate in aquatic sports. These sports are swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo. It is not the only major sporting event for such sports though. ........ There are no World Aquatic Championships held in the years in which the latter takes place though so as not to clash with it.

A) They also form an important part of the Olympic Games
B) The World Aquatic Championships are held every two years in odd-numbered years.
C) There are numerous other competitions in which swimmers compete with each other.
D) Michael Phelps has won gold medals at both this and other kinds of events.
E) The Swimming World Cup, for instance, is another one and it takes place annually.

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